The Cooks Larder

 My lovely readers, I am recovering this morning from a night of absolute food heaven !!!….Let me take you back to where it all starts. I must confess that although I have many valuable skills, the ability to cook seems to have skipped my gene pool!   I have a mother who is a beautiful cook and I  am surrounded by other amazing cooks.  I absolutely appreciate and love to eat good food….surely this would mean that somewhere deep down there may lie a cook inside me?
My well-meaning attempts at any culinary effort is good humoured comic relief amongst my family so I have to thank my lucky stars I met and married a man who is not only passionate in the kitchen but also cleans up as he goes. However, this dire state of cooking ability is all about to change in 2011.  My beautiful girlfriend and I attended a class  last night at one of my very favourite cafe’s in Sydney, The Cooks Larder in Avalon, which also runs a cooking school.  My love of the Cooks Larder where we often do an early morning brekky before the beach, needs an entire post of its own as I will start to rave, so I  will concentrate solely on the cooking class today.
With a glass of wine in one hand and seated around a large wooden table, the two beautiful Samantha’s talked us through how to prepare six sumptuous dishes (this class being based on the concept of salads as meals) which we generously sampled throughout the night. I have never been served in one sitting such an array of clean, fresh and beautifully tasting dishes and had a thoroughly enjoyable night.
If you are lucky enough to live within travelling distance to Avalon, I would do yourself a favour and either visit and eat at the cafe, buy some gourmet produce or partake in a class.
Both Samantha’s have food blogs which my hubbyand I are already addicted to as follows:
Enough of the words, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


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Welcome to fabrik of life, a blog which has evolved through a love of all things beautiful that inspire me and that I would love to share. Whether it be fashion, interiors, food, cool new beauty products or kid friendly ideas.
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2 Responses to The Cooks Larder

  1. We are so pleased you had a good night! Thank you for the kind words… we love what we do! x sam

  2. Natalie says:

    Wow looks amazing! if only we where a little closer I would be joining you too Rachael for some new tips!

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