Romantic soft side plait ‘how-to’

How to Create a Romantic soft side plait with Orieta Pires
As promised, Sydney hairstylist Orieta Pires explains how to get this on trend romantic  look. Orieta is from prestigious Darlinghurst salon Maiolo Copeland, and has worked internationally with top fashion designers. She currently also provides hairstyling services to leading Australian designer Camilla, Alchema, performs creative styling on video shoots and should be on speed dial when in need of ‘party hair’

  Start it right
1. You will need thin straighteners, hair extension, heat protector, hairspray, spray gloss, teasing comb and bobby pins.
2. Start with unwashed hair to make sure that your hair has some texture and hold.
  Begin work
  3.  Start at the nape, work straighteners through, dragging and curling as you go to give the hair movement.  Work in sections fom the nape to the top of the head.
4. On the top section, use the straighteners to lift and bend at the roots for added texture.
 5. Apply hair extension slightly off centre at the back, so you can hold the weight and move the plait from side to side, unless you specifically want it to fall on one side.  In this instance, anchor it more to the preferred side.

6. Work around the plait by teasing at the root area and spraying with hairspray as you go, depending on how high you want the style. Remember, the more you tease, the more texture the hair will have.  Manipulate the hair so it works into a very soft and slightly messy plait (we don’t want any prissy, perfect school girl styles here!) Always allow a bit more softness on the other side (as shown below) and don’t drag the hair over so as to balance the style out.
7. Twist softly and pin as you go to get the textured romantic effect. Spray to set, but remember the lighter the hairspray, the easier the hair is to manipulate.
The trick to making the hair extension appear thicker is to lightly backcomb underneath the extension and do a loose plait, moulding as you go with the tail comb. 
Spray on shine spray to finish the look and add a healthy gloss and you are ready to go!
Expect more expert hairstyling and makeup advice from the lovely and very talented Orieta on the blog in the future.

Images 1 & 3, 2. my own

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3 Responses to Romantic soft side plait ‘how-to’

  1. Vicki Archer says:

    I love this ‘long plait’ look….very chic…..xv

  2. Rachael says:

    Thanks Vicki..One of those styles you just feel so fabulous and feminine wearing. x

  3. Maree says:

    I want my long hair back so I can try it.

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