Birgitta Drejer and blogging etiquette

There has been much debate in blogging circles recently about blogging etiquette and the crediting of images, and I stumbled across this  fabulously entertaining  piece  by Pia Jane Bijerk on the issue.  I am endeavoring to do my utmost to ensure all my images are credited to the artist and my source correctly.

Photo credit: pia jane bijerk via Latte lisa blog
In light of this, the lovely people at the Sisters agency have granted me permission to use images from  the talented photographer, Birgitta Drejer.  Unfortunately, I was not able to use the images I wanted to share of Australian designer, Martin Grant’s beautiful Paris apartment. However, the images that the agency have allowed me to use still showcase Birgitta’s work, even though it is not my style of interiors.
It is certainly worth having a peek at Birgittas website  and portfolio of work, as she is a very talented photographer specializing in interior and still-life photography, which has taken her throughout the world on assignments for major Danish and international magazines. She has also written a number of books on interiors.
This wooden cabin not far from the sea north of Copenhagen and is used in holidays and weekends by the owners. It has a very light and Scandinavian feel.


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One Response to Birgitta Drejer and blogging etiquette

  1. Charlotta says:

    Sisters Agency is fantastic and a lot of pictures from their wonderful archives have circulated the blog world. I am sure that only a fraction of those were by permission.

    I love the chalkboard mind map. Clever and so very wise.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

    xx Charlotta

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