Be Genki …to be happy, healthy and in harmony

Relax, de-stress, nuture our inner health….we are always being inundated with this message, but how often does it actually happen in our fast paced lives? I know myself, with two young children, any spare time to spend focusing on my general well being seemingly comes at the bottom of a very long list.
However, i’ve discovered you don’t have to spend hundreds on elaborate treatments or day spas, for a little bit of  daily TLC.  I’m addicted to a luxurious little gem, Be Genki, a range of  natural self-care products, that I uncovered a few years ago.  It  “utilizes the healing benefits of 100% pure essential oils, luxurious ingredients that work with the body’s natural physiology to promote a healthy glowing complexion”.
Thanks to the very beautiful Be Genki founder, Sam Sample,  one lucky  fabrikoflife reader has the chane to win a pack of four Be Genki body oils  (Vitality, Tranquility, Serenity, Sensuality). All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog this week on what  happiness is to you………..
 We take five with Sam:
How do you manage to integrate good eating, exercise and running a business into your daily life?
I genuinely love what I do for work and I love how I feel when I eat healthily and exercise, so it’s not a tough one to maintain or find enthusiasm for. I’m ridiculously organised and keep a constantly updated to-do list with each task allocated to a day and time, and check it each morning so I know what needs to be completed that day. Exercise is one thing that I can sometimes let slip when work load increases, so I have learnt to treat it as any other task that needs to be done, and block out the time within my daily planner so nothing else interferes with it. I keep the fridge well stocked with all my yummy healthy meal staples (smoothie ingredients, super foods, fresh coconuts) and pop by the local health food store every couple of days on my way home from work to pick up fresh veggies. I choose to be vegan so that eliminates a lot of the not-so-good-for-you foods from my options.
 What is your daily beauty routine and the one product you can’t live without?
I use Active Energised Organic Skincare for my face (cleanser, hydrating mist, serum and moisturiser) morning and night. I dry skin body brush each morning, and apply Be Genki Body Oil all over my body after having a shower.
The one product that I couldn’t live without… would be the Be Genki Body Oils. I love the feel of soft skin.
If you have 20 mins a day, what is your number one tip to relax and unwind?
I lay on my acupressure Pranamat to relax and unwind, and use it as a mini meditation. It really does work wonders!
Top 5 quick fixes to improve one’s daily diet?
~Eat a diet based on organic and biodynamic (as much as you can afford) wholefoods: fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds.
~ Drink apple cider vinegar to help improve  your digestion amongst many other health benefits.
~ Avoid alcohol, caffeine, processed food, table salt, sugar, margarine, soft drinks, bottled juices and vitamin waters full of sugar and artificial additives. 
~ Reduce your consumption of all animal products – dairy, meat (red, white and fish), eggs.
~ Most importantly, listen you your body and do what is “right” for YOU. If you get bloated, tired or any other unpleasant feeling after eating certain foods, then simply stop eating it and make a different choice.
You have a visitor who has one day in Sydney, what would you do?
Start the day with a Bondi to Bronte to Bondi walk. Jump in the surf for a swim. Breakfast at the Crabbe Hole, Bondi Icebergs with the morning sun on our backs. Drive to the city and go for walk through the Botanical Gardens (having a brief lay on the grass) to the Sydney Opera House. Walk through The Rocks stopping in for a visit to The Crystal Gallery (my new favourite shop) and enjoy lunch at Sydney Park Hyatt’s HarbourKitchen&Bar seated at a table facing the harbour and Opera House. After lunch have a wander around the Museum of Contemporary Art. Duck home for a change of clothes and then head to Longrain Restaurant and Bar for dinner and drinks.
For those of you that are interested in health and well being, please do yourself a favour and visit Sam’s website sharing her knowledge and tips on beauty, nutrtition, skincare and lifestyle gained from her experience working in the health and beauty industry.

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Welcome to fabrik of life, a blog which has evolved through a love of all things beautiful that inspire me and that I would love to share. Whether it be fashion, interiors, food, cool new beauty products or kid friendly ideas.
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7 Responses to Be Genki …to be happy, healthy and in harmony

  1. janet says:

    My happiness is my family. It is most heartfelt when I spend time with my mother and now as a mother to my son the feeling of being able to comfort and nurture a tiny human being extends that happiness a family brings.

  2. Skye says:

    Happiness is still being in love with my husband after many years, good health and a beautiful family…and a good coffee:)

  3. Arrabella says:

    Happiness for me is to be content with who I am and love that person and be surrounded by beautiful people, family and appreciate all the little wonderful things that life throws my way.

  4. Melissa says:

    Happiness for me is being surrounded by people I love and who love me, the opportunity to explore new places and travel, good food, good health and lots of laughter.

  5. Bobbie Hayes says:

    Happiness is having good health and being grateful for a good job and a roof over my head with food on the table. I try to always keep that in mind when I get down! Mindfullness of ALL that I truly do have!

  6. LatteLisa says:

    my list is too long!

  7. Becs says:

    Happiness is my family (including of course, my gorgeous sister who does such a wonderful job on this blog), health & having a laugh everyday..

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