A little slice of Australian heaven….

My parents who have acquired a rather healthy dose of the travel bug (which they passed onto their children) have just returned from a stunning outback meets the reef location, Sal Salis, situated on Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.
The unique luxury camping accommodation, commonly known as “glamping” is nestled amongst the dunes in an area that is one of Australia’s best kept secrets. The highlight of the trip for most, is the opportunity to swim with the gentle giants, the whale shark, that migrate to the area between April and June each year.
In the past, I have camped for months in basic conditions throughout Africa and braved the freezing nights of the Sahara desert vowing never to camp again, but looking at these images I could certainly be persuaded to try it again.  A little unspoilt piece of heaven don’t you think?

Images via Sal Salis

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5 Responses to A little slice of Australian heaven….

  1. janet says:

    Looks absolutely amazing and it would erase any previous comments I may have made on not liking camping.

  2. classiq says:

    Those views are breathtaking. And the first image is amazing. Camping in the Sahara…wow, that takes courage. Have a beautiful day! :)Ada

    • Rachael says:

      Hi Ada, The Sahara was very basic as in camping under the stars in the freezing cold nights,no showers or toilet facilities….but one of the highlight experiences of my life!! Love that first image as well. Have a great week. x

  3. LatteLisa says:

    Rachael, you have to make a post about that Sahara thing! Sounds amazing. I love adventure stories.

    • Rachael says:

      I should Lisa…I need to dig out my photos’ as it was an amazing adventure. Whilst I would consider camping again, I will never again hop on a camel, as the trip was on the back of camel! I don’ think I ever got comfortable! x

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